A Bird’s Eye View: Climbing with the McMinns

Following our game drives we headed back to Durban to have dinner with Caitlyn, Hendrik, Josh, and Elisti so that we could return Hendrik’s car, say thanks for all C&H had done, and get in a little bit of a last minute catch up. From there we headed to Josh and Elisti’s place for the weekend. They had moved to Durban last summer and had settled into their usual outdoorsy pursuits.

In keeping with that theme, our plan was for a Saturday climb out near Howick. However, before that we stopped by a market to collect the fixings for lunch. Perhaps it was just that we had not been anywhere near a non-Asia market in quite some time, but we don’t recall the farmers’ markets at home having such a wide variety of items available. We had breakfast, bought meat for dinner, cheese for lunch, crackers to supplement and even had a 9:00 AM beer tasting session before picking up a box of craft ales for the evening.

Once we got out to the game preserve where the climbs were located, it was a bit of a walk in and down to get to the climb points. Josh and Eliisti had kindly chosen easier routes so we actually had a hope of completing some of them. We had climbed with them before, but this time they taught us the basics of belaying as well. Climbing really is a great sport and it’s something we are thinking of getting into once we are settled on Vancouver Island. In the end, we both managed to climb two of the three that we attempted. We fell a bunch on each of them and had a lot of coaching from the ground, but we made it and the views from the top were amazing!

That evening Josh was ill so it fell to Blake to try to cook the wildebeast boerewors. Uncertain how to go about it, he made the distinctly non-Afrikaans mistake of unrolling the sausage before cooking it. Still worked out OK, but not exactly traditional Afrikaans style! Sunday was a bit of rest and recovery time from the pace of the previous week. Josh was not feeling well so Elisti took us around to a farmers’ market and a stroll along the north end of the Durban promenade before taking us to an awesome little restaurant called Freedom Cafe tucked away in a modified shipping container. By the time we got back to check on Josh we were just in time to throw together dinner, play a few games and enjoy the sunset before crashing in preparation for an early morning flight.

Not a bad view out over Durban.

Not a bad view out over Durban.

We had booked a shuttle service to the airport from one of the nearby hotels. Elisti dropped us off at 6:00 AM and we were off to Cape Town. It was a great weekend and with any luck we will be showing them around BC in the next couple of years.


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